It is my pleasure to recommend Michelle as a potential client. In my position as Senior Vice-President of Content Development at Essential Learning, I worked with Michelle for more than three years. Michelle served as lead Quality Assurance analyst on our course product, in which position she consistently impressed me through her communication and organization skills in addition to her commitment to quality. Our company delivered its work within a virtual workspace consisting entirely of distributed staff. Such an environment demanded employees with top notch communication skills, and Michelle was an exemplar. She has a knack for concisely identifying the most relevant and pertinent issues and bringing them to the attention of key stakeholders so that a spirit of kindness shone through even when Michelle had to deliver criticism. In addition to being a virtual workspace, our company delivered a high volume of online courses to our customer base. During her tenure, Michelle was either the only quality specialist or, when lucky, was the lead course specialist out of a team of two. Such a high workload demanded keen organizational skills, and again Michelle rose to the occasion. I never had to worry that our courses might miss a deadline because QA had misaligned priorities. Lastly, and as you might assume from her job title, Michelle has a demonstrable commitment to quality. In fact, our organization cited Michelle as a “value champion” for the company value pertaining to quality. As a champion, Michelle was responsible for promoting the importance of exceptional and consistent quality within the organization. I would argue, however, that Michelle’s work was promotion enough. Michelle’s tenure coincided with a dramatic reduction in the number of customer complaints regarding the quality of our courses, and I have no doubt about the chief cause of that drop. – Bill

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle at Essential Learning, and can vouch for her as a very competent colleague who has an outstanding work ethic. Michelle did a superb job in all matters relating to Quality Assurance. As the VP of Curriculum Development at Essential Learning, I was dependent on her department to keep our production pipeline moving, in order for us to hit our target production numbers. A hallmark of Michelle’s job performance is her reliability. She can be trusted to get the job done on time and done well. I can recall more than one instance when I needed to call her to ask a favor—asking for quicker turnaround times on QA work than originally scheduled—and she would always be able to get the requested work done to my team’s satisfaction. I found myself praising her multiple times during our division group meetings. It is important to note Michelle’s attention to detail. Her thorough reviews of hundreds of courses that came her way helped ensure that our courses have a very high standard of quality. Michelle exemplifies the kind of healthy communication that we need as a multi-department production team, by communicating clearly, often, well, and with everyone’s best interest at heart. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Michelle again someday. It has been a privilege to work with her. I highly recommend Michelle as a teammate and competent, reliable colleague. – Chris

Michelle is beyond amazing with the quality of her work, the sheer capacity she’s capable of successfully managing, and her positive, upbeat attitude and outlook. It’s always a pleasure working with her or just exchanging a few “How you doin’?” emails every now and then. I can never begin to express my thanks to her for all the help she’s given me and for all of the times we’ve blindly fumbled around together while trying to figure out a new process, what’s going on with an odd course (a.k.a. wacky workflow), or how to coordinate and handle the rushes that come at the end of each year.  I’ve read many emails from her that came in at 10:00 or 11:00 at night… The commitment she displays to her work is truly astonishing and worthy of admiration. – Justin

I was lucky enough to move into content and work closely with MB, and then eventually take over QA and work really closely with her. I can’t say enough about how fantastically amazing Michelle is. The positive attitude was highlighted for me in how she coped with the changes to this company that hit us all. We chatted a lot that week, lots of us did, and I just couldn’t believe how Michelle was viewing this change and coping with it all in such a positive way. And then to crank out the work between then and now, her last day, not many people could’ve done that in the way that you did Michelle. I am impressed by you, amazed by you, in awe of you and hope to be like you when I grow up. – Kristi

Michelle is easily the easiest QA person I've ever had to work with. She is also the most thorough. She is responsible for significantly improving our QA process and helped to overhaul and retool internal procedures which lead to a reduction in the number of rounds of QA required on each course project as well as a significantly better product. She has excellent writing and copy editing abilities and was able to find and cure several errors that even our best copy editors were missing. She has a keen eye for detail. Her easy going style lent itself well to working closely with our development team to train them and other QA staff to identify and cure common mistakes. She's been an incredible asset to our development team and has been able to work at an incredibly fast pace with very little oversight. She is self-motivated and works well with little direction. I would highly recommend Michelle to any team that wants to get better and ensure a high quality product for their customers. – Dana

I previously worked as Director of Quality Assurance for Essential Learning. This is who I came to know Michelle. She worked as a Quality Assurance Specialist in my department. We worked together closely for approximately 18 months until I entered another position. Michelle is among the best co-workers I have worked with in my career. She is smart, dependable, and consistently goes above and beyond the standards given for any task or project. When I assigned work to Michelle, I knew it would be done correctly and on time, that she would attend to the details, and seek answer for any ambiguities. Inter-personally Michelle is friendly, courteous and professional. She keeps her composure in the face of stress and brings a positive and productive style to her interactions, even when working with difficult people. Michelle will excel as much as her professional environment allows for. She is interested in moving ahead, learning more and taking whatever she is doing to the ‘next level.’ You will not catch Michelle twiddling her thumbs because she ran out of things to do. She’ll ask ‘What’s next?’ ‘How can I help?’ and ‘Maybe it would be a good idea for me to [insert idea to improve some area of operations that gets neglected because we are usually too busy].’ Michelle proactively adds value. In summary, I can wholeheartedly recommend Michelle for just about any job because of these qualities and because I know she can do and learn anything she puts her mind to. Any employer would be lucky to have her on board. – Celenie

Michelle was the first QA specialist ever hired at our company. That’s right: until Michelle came along, our preferred method for ensuring our courses worked was to ask the developers not to make any mistakes. Michelle joined us and course quality rapidly jumped. What impressed most about Michelle, however, was her good humor and level headedness in the face of almost compulsive change. From short-lived experiments to have the same people QA the courses and LMS, to ever changing directives about just how close a read to give each type of content, Michelle not only accepted but embraced and strove to master whatever new system was thrown her way. I want to add a more personal note here. Following the reorganization, the QA team was moved in a direct reporting role to me. This has given me the opportunity to see Michelle in action up close. In the wake of the announcement that course production would be moving to Cary, it would have been easy to become bitter and withdrawn and to just serve out the time until an exit date. Michelle not only didn’t do that, she dove into the opportunity to train our new QA team with the same energy and enthusiasm she brought to every other area of her work. I’ve been telling other managers around the company that Michelle is an example to live up to. We will all leave this company some day; whether it’s next week or many years from now, I hope we’re all able to do so with the grace and attitude that Michelle has displayed. – Bill

Michelle is a consummate quality assurance expert. When she started at Essential Learning, our courses were not at the quality level we wanted them to be. As the new quality assurance specialist, Michelle brought our courses to a completely new level of quality with a major reduction in errors and technical issues. Michelle has an eye for catching errors and problems like no one else I have ever met. She is gracious, kind, exuberant and professional. I have really enjoyed working with her and can highly recommend her for any position requiring a keen eye for detail and a team player. – Michelle

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